Written by THRIVE Program Teacher, Tyson Schoeber • Last Updated: 08-19-2017

If a student tends to have trouble remembering common spellings, keeping a personalized spelling dictionary handy can be a very effective strategy.

There are a number of other good spelling dictionaries available on the web, but our version was specially designed for older kids who struggle with writing. It includes:

Best of all, both the black and white and full color versions are available as free downloads. All you need is a printer that can work with legal sized paper and a long-arm stapler.


The finished document is double-sided. There are two ways to accomplish that, depending on the kind of printer you have.

If you have a COLOR printer that can print on BOTH sides of the paper, use this file.

If your printer can only print on one side of the page at a time, follow these steps:

1.   Download the black and white version or the color version.

2.   Print pages 1 through 10 on legal size paper (i.e. 8.5" x 14").

3.   Put those printed pages back into your printer so that the blank sides will be printed on nextYou may have to flip or rotate the pages to get this to work.

4.   Print page 11 only and check to see that everything looks right. If it does, go ahead and print pages 12 through 20. If something went wrong and you cannot figure it out, take a look at these troubleshooting tips.

5.   Sort the pages, fold your booklet down the middle and staple it all together using long-arm stapler. It is best for the staples to point into the middle of the booklet.


If you can suggest corrections or improvements, please feel free to get in touch with us. Your feedback could help make the next version better!